XIIIth NATO Workshop
On Political-Military Decision Making
Warsaw, Poland 19-23 June 1996

European Security: Beginning a New Century

Supreme Allied Commander Europe General George A. Joulwan &
Roger Weissinger-Baylon (editors)

Welcoming Remarks. Defense Minister of Poland Stanislaw Dobranski
Foreword. State Secretary of Poland Andrzej Karkoska
Preface to European Security
Part One
Part Five
Secretary General of NATO Javier Solana
NATO: Towards the 21st Century
Chairmen of Joint Session:
Major General Gary L. Curtin
Lieutenant General Malcom R. O'Neil
Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski
Poland and NATO
United States Undersecretary of Defense Paul Kaminski
A U.S. Perspective on Defense Industrial-Base Trends
Czech President Václav Havel
NATO--The Safeguard of Stability and Peace in the Euro-Atlantic Region
Czech First Deputy Minister of Defense Petr Necas
Changes and Growth in the Czech Defense Industry
President of Bulgaria Zhelyu Zhelev
NATO, Partnership for Peace, and the New Europe: A Bulgarian View
Mr. John Weston
The European Defense Industry In the Global Market
Part Two
Mr. David Manke
Restructuring to Improve Product Quality and Strengthen Market Economies
SACEUR George A. Joulwan
Shaping a New Alliance and A New Europe
Mr. Viktor Kucera
The Emerging Defense Industry in Central Europe
Deputy SACEUR General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie
Enabling Operation Joint Endeavour
Part Six
U.N. Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees Sergio Vieira de Mello
Security for Peoples, Security for States
CINC Allied Forces Central Europe General Dieter Stoeckmann
The Contributions of Allied Forces Central Europe to IFOR
WEU Deputy Secretary General Horst Holthoff
The Role of WEU in the New European Security Architecture
CINC Allied Forces Southern Europe Admiral Leighton Smith
IFOR: Successes and Challenges
Part Seven
Part Three
Military Committee Chairman Gen. Klaus Naumann
NATO in a Changing Europe
Danish Defense Minister Hans Haekkerup
Security in Northern Europe and the Baltic Region
United States Ambassador Robert E. Hunter
The Further Development of
Partnership for Peace
Finnish Minister of Defense Anneli Taina
Security in a Changing Europe: A Finnish View
United States Dep. Secretary of Defense John P. White
Toward a New Europe: Secure, Peaceful, Free, and Democratic
Estonian Prime Minister Tiit Vahi
Baltic Security: An Estonian View
Latvian Foreign Minister Dr. Valdis Birkavs
Security of Latvia: Historical Parallels and Current And Future Challenges
Participants at NATO '96 Workshop
Part Four
Agenda of NATO '96 Workshop
Prime Minister of Poland Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz
The Evolution of Europe and the NATO Alliance
Sponsors of NATO '96 Workshop
Polish Foreign Minister Dariusz Rosati
The New Security Architecture in Europe: A Polish View
Photographs of the '96 NATO Workshop
Hungarian Foreign Minister Dr. Laszlo Kovacs
Central Europe's Emerging Security Environment: A Hungarian View
Proceedings of NATO '95 Workshop in Dresden,Germany
Hungarian Minister of Defense György Keleti
Defense Integration: A Hungarian View
Proceedings of NATO '94 Workshop in Os, Norway
Hungarian Dep. State Secretary Istvan Gyarmati
Central Europe and NATO Enlargement
Please send questions, comments, and suggestions to Roger Weissinger-Baylon at roger@csdr.org
Czech First Vice Minister Alexandr Vondra
NATO and the Future Security of Central Europe: A Czech Perspective
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Ukraine's Foreign Minister Hennadiy Udovenko
European Security: A Ukrainian View
Slovakian Foreign Minister Juraj Schenk
The Position of Central European Countries in the New Security Architecture: A Slovak View

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